Best Virus and Spyware Removal Software

Your personal computer is perhaps the most valuable asset you own, though not the most expensive. Creators of malware, ransomware and spyware, make much money by acquiring access to your PC.

For instance, a ransomware known as CryptoWall encrypts all data on the hard drive and won’t offer you the decryption key unless you pay the hackers money.

Most systems get infected through email attachment that seems safe, but actually is a malware. Therefore, to protect yourself from such situations, you really require a real-time guarding program so as to stop the virus/malware from installing itself directly. I will discuss best virus and spyware removal software some are free, but not all offer real-time monitoring in their free versions.

The choice whether to use a full version or free version of the software depends on the level of the computer user. Beginners may not know how to avoid scams while experts need more protection.

Spybot Search & Destroy

Spybot has been there for quite a long time and is well known for finding and removing virus and spyware. It is dependable and frequently updated.

When installing Spybot, the user is asked whether they want automatic protection or more control and review from the software. Therefore, you choose the option that suits you best. Once you install the program, you have to click the update button (located on the second window), in order to download updated signature.

Once complete, you return to the main window, and then perform a file or system scan. Note that there is no real-time protection if using the free version. It has a feature known as immunization that usually blocks website infected with malware, but you have to enable the feature.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

This is one of the best programs to repair malware infections. The free version has anti-rootkit, anti-spyware, and anti-malware protection. However, the free version has no automated scans or live protection. Therefore, you remove the malware by running a manual scan.

Generally, it is a great program and useful to remove any self-installed malware on your computer. However, live monitoring and protection is available in paid version.


Ad-Aware cannot be left out on the list of the best virus and spyware removal software. It has been around for quite some time now.

The good thing about this program is that the free version supports real-time protection. Just like other software real-time monitoring is available in premium version. The premium versions also offers email safeguard, which is important to avoid dangerous attachments that infect your PC.


AdwCleaner is not so famous but majorly focuses on adware, browser hijackers, toolbars and others. It is easy software to use with no options to configure. You simply click Scan, and then check the tabs to ensure all that is checked is not needed, after that click Clean. It is among the best since it catches many malware that most programs miss.

I find the above as the best virus and spyware removal software to use. However, I highly recommend buying program’s full version in order to enjoy more features absent in free versions such as real-time protection.

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Types Of Computer Repair Services

As a computer owner, you know that sometimes it can stop working properly or stop working altogether. You don’t have to buy a brand new one when this happens – it can work again quite well with a few repairs by a computer technician.

That said, it is always better to familiarize yourself with the different computer repairs that are available. This way, you will know what is being done to your computer any time you have it repaired. In fact, if you learn well enough you can always perform basic repairs yourself.

This article discusses the most common computer repairs. Keep in mind that these are common repairs – your computer may need more than is discussed here.

Virus Removal

Viruses are probably the most common computer problem. Fortunately, there are antiviruses that can prevent your computer from getting infected. Even when you have an antivirus installed in your computer it can still get infected – malicious software is designed all the time and the designers seek to bypass even the best antivirus programs.

If your computer gets infected you can remove the virus yourself by going online and getting the latest version of your antivirus and then running it on your system. If you are getting infected often it could be an indication that the antivirus you are using is not very good – get a better one.

If you run antivirus software and the problem persists you should get in touch with a computer technician – they usually have more powerful antivirus programs.

Hardware Replacement

Your computer suffers wear and tear just like any other electronic gadget. You may notice that some keys are not working, they may fall out, the space bar may come out or the screen may be damaged.

These kinds of computer problems usually need a La Mesa computer repair expert. Get in touch with one near you – they usually have all the necessary replacement parts and they can replace your computer in no time at all.

Data Recovery

Losing data can be a nightmare especially if it is critical for work or for school. If you try and access a file and cannot find it don’t panic – it is sitting somewhere in your computer and a good technician can find it (they usually have the right software and skills to recover data).

Ask him why the loss happened in the first place and how you can stop it from happening again. When you are working with important data it is a good idea to back it up on an external hard drive – they cost a few dollars but they can save your life.


Maintenance of your computer is necessary because technology changes all the time. In fact, many computer problems happen because of lack of maintenance in the first place. If you call it a technician to tune up your computer from time to time you should not have any problems.


This is required for new computers. Usually they come with a bunch of programs that you don’t need and lack the ones that you actually need. You can get a computer technician to customize your computer to your needs.

These are the most common computer repair services. Remember, always hire a qualified technician for best results.

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What Is Remote Desktop Support

Remote Desktop is a program allowing users connect their computer to another location, see their PC and additionally interact with it as though it were local. Users can connect to their computer across the internet from practically any computer or smartphone and use it as if you were sited right in front of it.

Remote Desktop Support

remote-supportRemote desktop support allows you to view, diagnose and resolve any issues on a remote desktop. Rather than a support call, remote desktop support is an online session just a click away that allows access and control of PC to be able to resolve issues quickly.

You’re provided with safe and trouble-free connections instantly between remote computers wherever you are. You’ll be able to view and access a client’s desktop within a few seconds.

With the help of a variety of tools and features, you’re able to handle any complex support issues even the most complex ones. What’s more, remote desktop support is safe because, with the right infrastructure, users will have their privacy and the security levels are quite high.

Remote Desktop Support Specialist

A remote desktop support specialist remotely supports client computers to access their email, desktop support, program support and access. What’s more, they are responsible for troubleshooting, diagnosing, documenting and resolving all the technical issues that may arise.

A remote desktop specialist has the experience required to troubleshoot and track problems on users PC as well as performing any special assignments required of them. They are professionals proficient in the field of technology and have sufficient knowledge of Microsoft Windows, networking, and desktop.

Accessing Unattended Computers

Remote desktop support allows you offer support and maintenance to isolated servers and connect to any unattended computers at any time. You’re able to support these remote computers and servers even in the absence of the end user.

This allows you to set additionally up unattended access to your PC and connect them securely from wherever you are. Moreover, you can easily manage and monitor unattended computers using powerful tools that enable you to organize these machines according to your needs.

The Best Remote Desktop Support

It’s pretty easy to manage and troubleshoot your PC or a family member’s PC using the right and the best remote desktop support without necessarily being in front of it. Here are among the best remote desktop tools available that you can settle for;

  • Teamviewer

Teamviewer offers remote desktop support meaning you don’t need to setup the remote side before you connect. Moreover, it supports online meetings. Therefore, a number of people can be able to connect to a single host.

  • Splashtop

Splashtop is also a great tool, and it supports Windows, Linux, and Android. What’s more, Splashtop is a free tool and can be used for personal use.

  • Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome remote desktop can be freely used for both personal and commercial use. It supports Windows and OS X. you have to install it on any computer that you want to connect to. If you wish to troubleshoot quickly or access any file remotely, then this could be the better choice to settle; it’s pretty fast.

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What Is Laptop Repair

Laptop repair is the process of fixing problems on a laptop so that it can function properly. You can repair laptop software, hardware or both depending on what is wrong with the machine. These repairs are usually performed by a La Mesa laptop repair technician.

The first thing he does when you take your laptop to him is to perform a diagnostics test in order to find out what the problem is. Once he has established what is wrong he tells you about it, how much it will cost ad also how long it will take to repair your laptop.

Computer repair is not usually expensive so you should look into it before you buy a brand new replacement laptop.  Repairs that you can undertake yourself.

Virus and Malware Removal

These are quite common and if not dealt with in a timely manner they can render your laptop useless in no time at all. You will know that you are infected if your computer starts acting after you have been on a network, after you have used an infected flash drive, if you have visited certain websites or if you have just opened a suspicious looking email.

If you have good antivirus software it should be able to detect the virus, inform you and then clear the threat. If you don’t have a very good antivirus and you get infected you can get free antivirus software online that can get the job done.

In case you are wondering which one is best because there are so many, you will be happy to know that there are antivirus test websites that rank antiviruses. Go to one of these and select the best ranked free one. Download, install and run it. Set it to run every day and make sure you keep it updated. You should also get a good firewall to protect your laptop from malware.

Reinstalling the OS

Your laptops operating system may deteriorate over time. You will know that you have a problem if it becomes very slow, gives you funny errors that are system related and if you have file errors.

The best thing to do is to restore your operating system (usually Windows) back to its factory state. Before you do anything, make sure that you have backed up everything on an external drive – sometimes the process doesn’t work.

Boot your computer and then as it boots, look out for the option to restore it to its last good state. Alternatively, you can uninstall Windows and then re-install it manually using a CD.

Remove useless software

When you buy a brand new computer you may notice that it has a lot of software that you don’t need. Manufacturers include it because they are paid to.

This excess software only slows down your laptop. It is easy to get rid of this excess software – just go to the control panel, access the programs and then manually remove all the software that you don’t need.

Remember, do these repairs only when you are sure that you know what is wrong with your laptop.

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What Is Computer Repair

Computer repair is the process of troubleshooting, identifying and coming up with a solution to problems and issues of faulty computers. The field of computer repair as it entails repair of computer hardware, software, network protocols, server issues and Internet-related problems.

For the process of computer repair to take place a computer technician is required. There are different types of computer technicians categorized by their field of expertise.

Computer repair has two main branches that are either hardware repair or the software repairing; the same case also applies to computer technicians. These two subdivisions of computer repair require are further subdivided into smaller categories that include

PC repair

fixing-computerIt is a general category of computer that involves replacing faulty computer parts and accessories like Hard drive, broken laptop screens upgrade of RAM and GPU and in some cases even CPU, installing the operating system, configuring drivers and many other small tasks. This is the most basic category under Sacramento computer repair, and it involves simple tasks that one can accomplish without a lot of knowledge. Most of the PC repairs undergo training that last for a little while, and they come out as accomplished computer technicians. Also, there are a lot of selves-taught technicians who handle computer repair jobs efficiently without making major errors.

Hardware repair

This category involves repairing and maintaining the computer related hardware. The technician under this category the technician is rarely self-taught, this because it involves utilization of a lot of knowledge acquired in college. The technicians who handle the work of hardware repair ar mostly employed in big companies, such a websites hosting service companies, Internet service provider companies, and telecommunication companies.


Under this sub-category of computer repair, software developers or software engineers are the people. Software engineers apply principles computer science and mathematics to design, develop, maintain and test software. Software engineers also evaluate software and systems enabling computers to carry out a lot of tasks. Software engineers also find solutions to software bugs. The big reason to why companies hire software engineers is to ensure their system is free from bugs. Software engineers also deal with security issues on websites applications, computer programs, and operating systems.


Another sub-category of computer repair is networking, the network administrator is the head of this field, and he plays the following roles, networking monitoring, making network tests for weaknesses, evaluation and implementation of Internet management software, traffic monitoring and bottleneck and email filtering. A network administrator is always a Cisco certified networking associate.

System administration

The system administrator is the head of this sub-category,  a system administrator is responsible for maintaining a server, administration of users, ensuring all peripherals are working smoothly, monitoring the traffic on the network. Monitoring of system performance and installation of server software among others.


To make sure all websites are running and users have no problem in accessing any of them a computer specialist know as the webmaster in needed, webmasters have several roles, but their main concern is the websites.

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Remote Computer Support

Remote Computer Support

What Is Remote Computer Support?

Having your computer repaired can be a hassle.  Different repair companies handle the work in different ways.  Some come out to your home or business and repair the computer on site.  Other companies do not bring their tools with them. Instead they come out, pick your computer up, bring it into their shop, and do the repairs there.

There are also companies that do not have a mobile service at all, if you want your computer fixed, your only option is to bring it in to the repair company’s physical location.  A newer, and often more convenient service method is something known as remote computer support.

Computer repair companies like remote support because it cuts down on the costs associated with repair vehicles, like gas, insurance, and general wear & tear.  They also like that it eliminates driving time and makes scheduling easier.

Customers like it because once the remote connection is established and the technician has control, the customers can go about their day while the repairs are performed.  So to summarize the service types, repair companies generally offer Remote, In shop, and Mobile computer repair options. Many computer repair companies offer a combination of the three major types of service.  But for the purposes of this article, we’ll be focusing mostly on remote computer repair support.

If you need remote computer repair, companies like La Crosse, Wisconsin based Remote Fix It Now and California / Nevada based Tech 2U, who got their start doing computer repair and now have five locations and a remote support office, are reputable businesses known for remote support.

Many companies, including Tech 2U, offer subscription plans for remote support.  The way these membership plans typically work is for a monthly, semi-annual, or annual fee, you gain access to a specified amount of remote support during the provider’s remote support office hours.  This can be a great solution for people or businesses that need tech support often, as it can save a lot of money in the long run.

The way remote computer repair works is companies connect to your computer online, and preform the necessary repairs.  So as long as your computer can access the internet, you are able to at least have the issues you’re experiencing diagnosed.

Over the phone, the technicians commonly walk you through downloading software or direct you to a web application, like logmein, that will serve as the connection between your computer and theirs.  At this point you enter in a code that they provide for you, and they take over your computer.

While they are connected remotely, you and them both have control over the mouse and keyboard.  Many issues can be resolved remotely.  The repair technicians can run diagnostics, clean viruses, perform tuneups, updates and upgrades, whatever they need to do to get your computer running great again (as long as it isn’t a physical hardware issue).

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