What Is Laptop Repair

Laptop repair is the process of fixing problems on a laptop so that it can function properly. You can repair laptop software, hardware or both depending on what is wrong with the machine. These repairs are usually performed by a La Mesa laptop repair technician.

The first thing he does when you take your laptop to him is to perform a diagnostics test in order to find out what the problem is. Once he has established what is wrong he tells you about it, how much it will cost ad also how long it will take to repair your laptop.

Computer repair is not usually expensive so you should look into it before you buy a brand new replacement laptop.  Repairs that you can undertake yourself.

Virus and Malware Removal

These are quite common and if not dealt with in a timely manner they can render your laptop useless in no time at all. You will know that you are infected if your computer starts acting after you have been on a network, after you have used an infected flash drive, if you have visited certain websites or if you have just opened a suspicious looking email.

If you have good antivirus software it should be able to detect the virus, inform you and then clear the threat. If you don’t have a very good antivirus and you get infected you can get free antivirus software online that can get the job done.

In case you are wondering which one is best because there are so many, you will be happy to know that there are antivirus test websites that rank antiviruses. Go to one of these and select the best ranked free one. Download, install and run it. Set it to run every day and make sure you keep it updated. You should also get a good firewall to protect your laptop from malware.

Reinstalling the OS

Your laptops operating system may deteriorate over time. You will know that you have a problem if it becomes very slow, gives you funny errors that are system related and if you have file errors.

The best thing to do is to restore your operating system (usually Windows) back to its factory state. Before you do anything, make sure that you have backed up everything on an external drive – sometimes the process doesn’t work.

Boot your computer and then as it boots, look out for the option to restore it to its last good state. Alternatively, you can uninstall Windows and then re-install it manually using a CD.

Remove useless software

When you buy a brand new computer you may notice that it has a lot of software that you don’t need. Manufacturers include it because they are paid to.

This excess software only slows down your laptop. It is easy to get rid of this excess software – just go to the control panel, access the programs and then manually remove all the software that you don’t need.

Remember, do these repairs only when you are sure that you know what is wrong with your laptop.

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