Remote Computer Support

Remote Computer Support

What Is Remote Computer Support?

Having your computer repaired can be a hassle.  Different repair companies handle the work in different ways.  Some come out to your home or business and repair the computer on site.  Other companies do not bring their tools with them. Instead they come out, pick your computer up, bring it into their shop, and do the repairs there.

There are also companies that do not have a mobile service at all, if you want your computer fixed, your only option is to bring it in to the repair company’s physical location.  A newer, and often more convenient service method is something known as remote computer support.

Computer repair companies like remote support because it cuts down on the costs associated with repair vehicles, like gas, insurance, and general wear & tear.  They also like that it eliminates driving time and makes scheduling easier.

Customers like it because once the remote connection is established and the technician has control, the customers can go about their day while the repairs are performed.  So to summarize the service types, repair companies generally offer Remote, In shop, and Mobile computer repair options. Many computer repair companies offer a combination of the three major types of service.  But for the purposes of this article, we’ll be focusing mostly on remote computer repair support.

If you need remote computer repair, companies like La Crosse, Wisconsin based Remote Fix It Now and California / Nevada based Tech 2U, who got their start doing computer repair and now have five locations and a remote support office, are reputable businesses known for remote support.

Many companies, including Tech 2U, offer subscription plans for remote support.  The way these membership plans typically work is for a monthly, semi-annual, or annual fee, you gain access to a specified amount of remote support during the provider’s remote support office hours.  This can be a great solution for people or businesses that need tech support often, as it can save a lot of money in the long run.

The way remote computer repair works is companies connect to your computer online, and preform the necessary repairs.  So as long as your computer can access the internet, you are able to at least have the issues you’re experiencing diagnosed.

Over the phone, the technicians commonly walk you through downloading software or direct you to a web application, like logmein, that will serve as the connection between your computer and theirs.  At this point you enter in a code that they provide for you, and they take over your computer.

While they are connected remotely, you and them both have control over the mouse and keyboard.  Many issues can be resolved remotely.  The repair technicians can run diagnostics, clean viruses, perform tuneups, updates and upgrades, whatever they need to do to get your computer running great again (as long as it isn’t a physical hardware issue).