What Is Computer Repair

Computer repair is the process of troubleshooting, identifying and coming up with a solution to problems and issues of faulty computers. The field of computer repair as it entails repair of computer hardware, software, network protocols, server issues and Internet-related problems.

For the process of computer repair to take place a computer technician is required. There are different types of computer technicians categorized by their field of expertise.

Computer repair has two main branches that are either hardware repair or the software repairing; the same case also applies to computer technicians. These two subdivisions of computer repair require are further subdivided into smaller categories that include

PC repair

fixing-computerIt is a general category of computer that involves replacing faulty computer parts and accessories like Hard drive, broken laptop screens upgrade of RAM and GPU and in some cases even CPU, installing the operating system, configuring drivers and many other small tasks. This is the most basic category under Sacramento computer repair, and it involves simple tasks that one can accomplish without a lot of knowledge. Most of the PC repairs undergo training that last for a little while, and they come out as accomplished computer technicians. Also, there are a lot of selves-taught technicians who handle computer repair jobs efficiently without making major errors.

Hardware repair

This category involves repairing and maintaining the computer related hardware. The technician under this category the technician is rarely self-taught, this because it involves utilization of a lot of knowledge acquired in college. The technicians who handle the work of hardware repair ar mostly employed in big companies, such a websites hosting service companies, Internet service provider companies, and telecommunication companies.


Under this sub-category of computer repair, software developers or software engineers are the people. Software engineers apply principles computer science and mathematics to design, develop, maintain and test software. Software engineers also evaluate software and systems enabling computers to carry out a lot of tasks. Software engineers also find solutions to software bugs. The big reason to why companies hire software engineers is to ensure their system is free from bugs. Software engineers also deal with security issues on websites applications, computer programs, and operating systems.


Another sub-category of computer repair is networking, the network administrator is the head of this field, and he plays the following roles, networking monitoring, making network tests for weaknesses, evaluation and implementation of Internet management software, traffic monitoring and bottleneck and email filtering. A network administrator is always a Cisco certified networking associate.

System administration

The system administrator is the head of this sub-category,  a system administrator is responsible for maintaining a server, administration of users, ensuring all peripherals are working smoothly, monitoring the traffic on the network. Monitoring of system performance and installation of server software among others.


To make sure all websites are running and users have no problem in accessing any of them a computer specialist know as the webmaster in needed, webmasters have several roles, but their main concern is the websites.